Living Sustainably Makes You Happy

Living Sustainably Makes You Happy

From my early childhood days of picking up trash in my neighborhood to my current work with the EPA, I’ve always had a love and appreciation for nature. Although I was always aware of the sacredness of the earth, my way of living wasn’t and sometimes isn’t that sustainable. Sustainability contradicts a lot with what society has taught me, so sometimes my choices skew from a truly eco-friendly lifestyle. It wasn’t until the past year and a half when I started my blog that I decided to live a more consciously green lifestyle. Living sustainably has been one of my best decisions for many reasons.

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Stable Finances

First of all, I notice my finances are more stable. Buying less and being content with the things I currently possess has given me a sense of peace, spiritually and financially. After shopping at thrift stores for the past couple years and making my own toothpaste, body scrubs, and lotions, among other things, I’ve noticed my savings increasing. It’s true that the small, routine choices in your life can radiate great things. Choosing to be sustainable with your money by buying less stuff has manifested a more minimal lifestyle and has granted me a truer appreciation for inanimate things around me. Thus, I’m more likely to care for and fix my current possessions rather than being unphased to throw them away are buy something new.

Creative Outlet

If you take a look at my DIYS or fashion posts, you know my love for a good old upcycle. Shopping secondhand doesn’t always lead to perfect fitted piece in the exact look you’d imagine. And that’s ok, because I love to use my imagination to upcycle thrifted pieces. I think environmentalists have a creative mindset because they tend to utilize what they have to fix a problem or manifest something good in their lives without exhausting unnecessary resources. It’s a simple, reoccurring concept of tapping into my creative side which I’ve been having a lot of fun with. Plus, making something with your hands to produce a finished product is good for the soul. In my case, it has helped my confidence knowing that I have great ideas and I am capable of creating cool things.

Sustainably Living is Philanthropic, and Philanthropy Feels Good

Living sustainably means that you make choices that will not cause a detrimental effect to the environment. By being a humanitarian per zero waste living, you’re able to show your friends and family that it’s possible to be stylish and happy while having an eco-conscious attitude. Some might say that living green doesn’t mean you’re an altruist, it just means you’re doing the right thing. Regardless, doing the right thing feels good.  Being able to work towards a belief to protect something bigger than yourself gives you purpose, and that makes life worth living. Try a simple task such as recycling, or participating in a beach cleanup. Plus, according to a United Health Group study, 94% of people who volunteered in the last year say that it improved their mood and 76% say that volunteering has made them feel healthier.

Living Sustainably Makes You Think BIG

I find myself thinking of the cradle to grave process of things I buy and things I throw away. Choices I make affect me, and also those around me. Living a more sustainable lifestyle has helped me to step back and honestly examine the decisions I make in life. It makes me question my energy, passion, and character when I realize that many of the things I do were and were not green friendly. By putting more thought into my purchases and lifestyle to become eco, I’ve become more aware with myself and have learned why I do certain things. For example, I notice myself spending more money when I’m sad or insecure. I also notice that I stray from sustainable practices when I’m feeling small or lazy. It’s interesting to be awake and aware of what it takes to live a green lifestyle and I’ve been learning a lot about myself and why I do the things I do.

In the end, I think living sustainably has helped me to be a better person because I’m constantly trying my best to be the best person I can be. Whether that means eating a more vegetarian diet, counting my blessings for my current possessions, choosing to walk outside, or keeping myself educated and aware of what’s happening in the world. I do these things because know that my actions are important and I have more to live for than just myself.

living sustainably makes you happy sustainability sustainable lifestyle life advice how to blog blogger inspiration ideas

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