OOTD: Rainbow Dress with Wool Hat

sustainable daisy fashion ecofashion eco friendly ethical thrifted refashioned upcycled recycled clothing


sustainable daisy fashion ecofashion eco friendly ethical thrifted refashioned upcycled recycled clothing


I found this flattering cotton dress at a Buffalo Exchange secondhand shop in Los Angeles. I walked to the cash register expecting to pay $26 and found that it was marked half off for a total of $13… Score!

sustainable fashion ecofashion thrift store shopping clothingIt is one of my most favorite quick, comfy, cute looks that is a perfect transition into fall. The dress has an intricate pattern with long sleeve and a high neckline, which I really love. The piece has a flowy A-line bottom making the dress flirty and feminine. I enjoy shopping at Buffalo Exchange stores because they have very hip, colorful, wild outfits in funky colors and patterns. Buffalo Exchange makes secondhand shopping easy because pieces are already hand picked and purchased by stylists, so each item has already been examined and deemed stylish enough to hit the rack. I paired my long sleeve dress with slim heeled boots I snagged for $4 and a wool hat I bought a few years ago at Urban Outfitters.

If you’re interested in transitioning into a sustainable fashion wardrobe, I would recommend secondhand shopping at these types of stores to get you excited about styling pre-worn clothing since most pieces are funky, fun, and it’s easy to walk out with something cute. It takes away the intense mission of looking though racks of clothes that are faded or not fashionable as they were in past years. I have actually really grown to love those types of hunts (think Goodwill, Salvation Army) because I LOVE the challenge to find something affordable, secondhand, and cute for my closet. 

Sustainable fashion becomes a true hobby if you take the secondhand route, because it requires you to rise out of your comfort zone, humble yourself, and to get in touch with your creative side. I think it’s so, so fun and I encourage you all to try it out!

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6 thoughts on “OOTD: Rainbow Dress with Wool Hat

  1. Karen,

    Your legs look so loooong in this amazing find! Empire line is lovely for a dress;)
    Definitely thrifting is the new green (and the most affordable;)!


    1. Thanks Mariana! Now that you mention it, you’re right! I’m with you, secondhand shopping will save you so much money! Plus it’s fun to utilize sustainable fashion in your wardrobe 🙂

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