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bohemian red dressHappy Sunday! I had some big life changes last week. I started a new job and moved into a new apartment so I was too busy to update the site last week! Gah! Now that I’m all settled, I’m excited to share some awesome content with you. I feel inspired in my new city, so I’m looking forward to writing about new thrift finds, and maybe even start expanding into other environmental arenas!

I found this long maxi dress tucked away at the Salvation Army in my hometown. It was $6.99, marked half off for a total of $3.50. I think this piece is a work of art. Seriously! It’s so beautiful. The colors are bright, the staggered tie-dye oranges and purple lie as gentle curves, and the red threaded detailing at the neckline makes it such an eye-catching piece. 

I think it is wicked rad when people wear things like this. It’s just so fun to wear something so bright and noticeable. I work in an office space and I noticed how when I get home I get so excited to put on a breezy dress, or wear something unconventional. Thrift stores are full of these types of pieces.

You may see a crazy colored dress at a store and envision yourself wearing it, but spending a lot of money on a risky item can steer you away. At thrift stores, there is less risk. All the clothes you see were liked, bought, and worn by someone before you. It gives me a little sense of relief, in a weird way. It’s less of a risk to buy something out of character at a low cost than full price at the mall. I know that someone had bought a clothing piece new, lived their life, possibly made some memories in it, then donated it to have a second life. When I wear it, it’s less pressure and effort to make the item work. Just another interesting advantage to secondhand shopping. It’s an affordable, sustainable form of fashion that’s not meant to be taken too seriously. 🙂bohemian red dress

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  1. Great look! I do agree with you about being more bold when buying second hand. My look has been changed since I started shopping second hand.

    Congratulations for the job and apartment and the best luck!

    Thank you for liking my chia pudding post, hope you will try it and like it!

  2. Hi there.. I just nominated you for the Beauty Blogger/Liebster award. Please check my page for details! Enjoy!😍

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