OOTD: Valentine’s Dress

sustainable daisy thrifted floral red pink babydoll dress ecofashion environmental ethical fashion valentine's day

sustainable daisy thrifted floral red pink babydoll dress environmental ecofashion ethical fashion valentine's dayI bought this pretty pink number just in time for Valentine’s Day. I found this dress at a trade-and-sell shop for $11, which was additionally stamped half price for $5.50. I noticed the bottom hem is ever so slightly uneven, which I assume is why it had been on the shelf for so long (What other reason? It’s so cute!). I am generally pretty unfazed over small sewing or design defects, so I wear the piece with pride.

The dress fits quite nicely and is in excellent condition, so I just added a belt and black tights to easily transition the piece from day to evening.

I enjoy thrifting so much because it’s a relaxed form of fashion. You can experiment with bright crazy patterns, rock an uneven hem (or whatever!), and not be uptight about your impression to the world. I mean, C’mon. I paid $5 for this outfit. I don’t mind running around town, climbing stairs, and waltzing in it. If it rips, no big deal! If the world doesn’t like it? Who cares! It was five bucks. I didn’t walk into a department store expecting to drop cash on something amazing. My reality was walking into a secondhand shop with no expectations with a few ones in my wallet. That’s what’s great about thrifting. It’s fun, it’s silly, and it’s not to be taken seriously. It’s about imagination, playing things up, and rocking your discoveries.

sustainable daisy thrifted floral red pink babydoll dress ecofashion ethical fashion valentine's day


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