BEAUTY: All Natural Soaps by Buck Naked

buck naked soap company buck naked soap companyAlong my journey of becoming more conscious of my consumeristic habits, I’ve been excited to try ethical bath and beauty products. I paired up with Rina from Buck Naked Soap Company to test out some of their all natural, vegan, handcrafted soaps and I’m here to tell you what I’ve found (Spoiler: They’re awesome). Buck Naked launched in 2013, where owners Rina and John sought to find an alternative soap product that wouldn’t give their infant son skin irritation. They developed an all natural soap company that sticks to a couple important ethics:

  1. Ingredients come from purposeful, renewable and plentiful sources found in nature.
  2. Products are made with minimal processing that does not use synthetic or harsh chemicals.

The use of more natural ingredients in bath and beauty products is a necessity for a couple of reasons. For one, chemicals in products wash off and eventually end up in the ocean or other ecosystems and can cause imbalance or harm to sensitive creatures. buck naked soap companyAnother important thought, which is a little scary too, is that when chemicals are in contact with your skin it undergoes a process called dermal absorption where chemicals from an area of high concentration (skin surface) diffuse into an area of low concentration (bloodstream). Buck Naked is aware of this phenomenon and even talks about it on their website. Buck Naked is dedicated to protect not only the environment, but also the health of their customers by using safe, natural ingredients.  Buck Naked also uses minimal packaging, utilizes local ingredients, and donates a percentage of their sales to the World Wildlife Fund. This soap company has made an effort to attain sustainability by touching base through each aspect of the cradle to grave process, and I respect that! I tried the Gardener’s Soap bar and the Lavender & Rosemary bar. They have a delicious, fragrant smell and are quite pretty looking with poppy seeds and lavender bits mixed within the products. buck naked soap companyThe soaps lather up and have a gentle and luxurious feeling on the skin. I have very sensitive skin and my hands didn’t feel dried out or irritated from the soaps. I even brought one into the shower and felt very cleansed and pampered by the product. They’re very high-quality soaps with great benefits but still happen to be inexpensive ($7.95 a piece)! If you’re interested you can keep tabs on Buck Naked updates through their Twitter and Instagram. I’m so happy that I am able to try out sustainably made products and am appreciative towards companies like Buck Naked who strive to make products environmentally friendly. I’m looking forward to finding out about more sustainable companies so I can continue my transition into an eco-friendly lifestyle!

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18 thoughts on “BEAUTY: All Natural Soaps by Buck Naked

  1. $7.95 is such a great price for an all-natural skin product! I’ve been doing research tracing pharmaceuticals and personal care products in groundwater reservoirs and I’m always looking for safe pcp’s to try.

    1. Hi Meredith, that is really interesting! I took a class on ecotoxicology and LOVED it! Now I’m working with the EPA to prevent contaminants and sometimes we work with wastes like nail polish remover, etc… All-natural products are the way to go! It’s fun to connect with people like you who have similar interests and passions. I really like your blog.

  2. Never heard of Buck naked, feel slightly abashed as I’ve only just been made aware of their existence. Will definitely check out, do they ship internationally?

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