BEAUTY: November Terra Bella Box

All Natural November Terra Bella Box

This month I received a November Terra Bella Box, an monthly subscription box that sends 5-6 all natural beauty products. This month’s box came with an almond face scrub, eye balm, and a lip tint, to name a few!

As I’ve talked about in my last beauty post, the ability to utilize products that are toxin free is very important to me. A recent course in toxicology and the aqueous transport of pollutants opened my eyes to the effects cosmetics have on ecosystems after they have been washed down the drain. Although these chemicals seems small in retrospect, they accumulate, or add up, since so many people use similar products at the same times of day, i.e. morning and evening.

Terra Bella Box allows you to try out all-natural beauty products that do not have a detrimental effect on the environment. Terra Bella Box allows those who shop consciously to have the joy and experience of a monthly subscription box while still wearing products that are kinder to the environment.

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I used all of these products at once, for a feel-good pamper evening. I started out with an All Natural Almond Face Scrub by Susan’s Soaps and More. The scrub comes in a slightly coarse powder that you dampen with water to form a paste like consistency. The scrub felt wonderfully cleansing and smelled like almond tarts my mom bakes during the holidays. Yummy.

terra bella box sustainable monthly subscription ecobeauty sustainability all-natural

I used a SkinDeep Naturals Reusable Organic Cotton Round to massage the scrub into my face. I can’t voice to you guys enough how excited I was when I saw that Terra Bella Box had reusable cotton pads in their box! I have always had problems with acne, and I purposely did not use cotton pads because it seemed so wasteful to me to throw something away every night even though cotton pads really did seem to help remove all the difficult bits of mascara and eyeliner around my eyes. Now that I have reusables, I can benefit from cotton pads, wash them, reuse them, and not have to throw anything away!

Next, I used the Sage & Sea Sensitive Skin Facial Steam. This delicate pouch has organic calendula, chamomile, and lavender flowers that you drop into a pan of water. After it has steeped for five minutes, you take a bowl of the water and place your face over it with a wet towel, like a tent. I did this for about ten minutes. It was extremely relaxing and the flowers smelled wonderful.

terra bella box sustainable monthly subscription ecobeauty sustainability all-natural terra bella box sustainable monthly subscription ecobeauty sustainability all-natural

Next, I moisturized my lips. I used Wellsmith Scented Shea Butter in clover fields/aloe scent. It’s a heavily moisturizing salve-like balm made from shea butter and fragrance oils. I used Poppy & Someday Coriander Herbal Lip Stain to top it off. The lip stain contains all-natural ingredients like beet root, beeswax, coconut oil, and extra virgin olive oil. The tint gives a beautiful, gentle rosy color while keeping my lips hydrated. Also, I am in love with the logo and packaging of the tint. It’s so cute!

terra bella box sustainable monthly subscription ecobeauty sustainability all-natural

terra bella box sustainable monthly subscription ecobeauty sustainability all-natural

That evening I used an eye balm by Beige Dusk & Greys. I put a small amount on my SkinDeep cotton pad and removed my makeup, washed my face, then dabbed a bit of the eye balm under my eyes as a moisturizer, which is perfect because my skin tends to dry out during the winter.

I am so happy with this month’s subscription box! Right now Terra Bella Box has great deals, including a trial box for only $20 through Monday with the code ‘cypermonday’. They have additional deals on their homepage, here. I think it’s great to support companies that chose to sell ethical, organic products. If you’re looking for a gift for a friend or family member, a Terra Bella Box may be the perfect pick!

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    1. Ah, I wish everyone could try it! It’s so great to try out all-natural products, especially when they come to your doorstep!

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