BEAUTY: HASK Argan Oil Hair Care Products

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argan oil hair care products HASK eco beauty ecobeauty sustainable pictureArgan oil is making big strides in the beauty world. What was seen as a simple Moroccan nut oil is now praised by wide-eyed beauty gurus who have learned of its magical anti-aging properties.

Primarily grown in south Morocco, argan oil is extracted from seeds of argan fruit trees. These trees have deep roots that hold soil in place, decreasing erosion and gusts of dust (source). Their canopy offers shade and resources for desert critters in otherwise strenuous environmental conditions. However, forests like the Moroccan Biosphere Reserve are under great threat of deforestation due to people cutting down argan trees for firewood (source).

Due to a wonderful shift of self-care must-haves, the new found value of argan oil has made argan trees symbols of prosperity, resulting in better sustained forests.

The demand of argan oil has allowed people view argan trees in a powerfully positive light. This has helped sustain the environment because argan oil is usually extracted from fruit that has fallen to the ground so argan trees are often not manipulated in any way to collect the oil. People want argan forests to thrive so they can continue to harvest seeds and sell the oil for profit.

argan oil hair care products HASK eco beauty ecobeauty sustainable pictureArgan oil has also helped sustain the economy and has offered empowerment for women. Moroccan women are the main workers that extract the oil which has given them more independence due to respect they establish from their community, as well as the financial benefit they receive from distribution companies in exchange for the oil they sell.

I heard about the beautifying effects of argan oil a few years ago and I have always been curious to try it out. My sister uses essential oils for her skin, and I’ve had friends rave over how soft their hair feels when applying it in the shower. When I had the opportunity to try out a HASK hair product bundle, you bet I said, “Yes!

These products contain ingredients carefully collected with the environment in mind. After this past week of using the shampoo and conditioning treatments my hair is so silky, shiny, and overall feels healthy.

I used the HASK conditioning serum after I got out of the shower while my hair was slightly damp. I smoothed the product into the bottom half of my hair and combed it out for it to dry.

argan oil hair care products HASK eco beauty ecobeauty sustainable pictureThe product has given my hair strength and has smoothed out troublesome kinks. I am so pleased with these results that I’d love for you to try it out too! You can click here and buy your own!

I am happy to use argan oil in my hair, especially knowing about its sustainable impacts, the empowerment it offers for women, and the protection it has indirectly provided for argan tree forests. I love it when sustainable products become big players in the beauty world, and I expect to see a lot of talk and praise towards companies like HASK that utilize argan oil in their products.

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  1. I love all of the argan oil products that I have used. How does the deep conditioner work on your hair? My sister and my niece who both have very curly hair have used it with good results but I wonder if it would weigh straighter hair down.

    1. Thank you Lesya! I’ve been loving argan oil too, for hair and skin. Thank you for stopping by, I hope you had a Happy Holiday!

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