Eco Fashion Labels to Check Out

Eco Fashion Labels to Check Out This Summer

It seems like ages ago when the majority of the fashion industry believed that unethically-sourced animal furs and skins were considered couture. Now that individuals and groups across the sectors have grown wary of Earth’s deterioration due to human activity, consumers are paying more attention to products and the lifestyle choices they promote. As Huffington Post reiterates, “[Sustainable fashion considers] the human impact on the environment and social responsibility.” Though a myriad of brands are still transitioning into ethical practices, growth in this category of eco fashion labels has been remarkable in the past few years, proving to fashionistas, style gurus and the like that being environmentally friendly and socially responsible can be high fashion.

While Stella McCartney may have her eco-friendly approach to luxury design and H&M with their Conscious collection, there are plenty of other sustainable labels at your disposal to give your wardrobe a green makeover.

The journey of Thoughtful Clothing began back in the mid 1990s with a capsule collection composed of men’s shirts and beachwear. Continual success led them to their website and expansion in women’s apparel, and with more people buying into their mission in the UK, Australia and beyond, Braintree clothes are now distributed through a number of international retailers, including Lyst who stock an extensive of range dresses from the brand.

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Kindred Black
Having similar undertones as the LA based eco label Reformation, Kindred Black has a great selection of handwoven crop tops perfect for this season’s festivals. In addition, they also sell naturally dyed lingerie and moccasins handmade by a 47 year old man living outside of Tucson, Arizona.

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LA Relaxed
Most of these eco fashion labels will make use of hemp, bamboo and organic cotton to create their clothing, although not many have used the fabric called tencel. Said to be more sustainable than the previously mentioned materials, it’s regenerated from the wood cellulose of eucalyptus trees without harmful human manipulation and used to make dresses and other garments for LA Relaxed. One of the newer companies in the market, they also make use of alternative materials, like modal, to enhance the softness of their clothing.

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Have your tried any of these clothing brands? Tell us about your favorite ethical fashion label.

Guest Post by Abigail Reid.

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