Green Home: Easy DIY Tips

Green Home: Easy DIY Tips

Going green is totally on trend. If you want to make a difference in the world, making your home a little greener is a great place to start. Sometimes a hectic lifestyle can make time consuming, eco-friendly projects seem out of reach. There is no need to worry–I’ve got your covered! Here are some simple DIY ideas that fit your budget and suit your green home decor.

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First tip is to utilize recycled materials. If going green just makes you think about investing in alternative energy, it is time to think outside the box! You can make a big impact by implementing eco-friendly recycling and waste disposal practices for your next home remodeling projects. By using recycled  materials or construction waste, you can give your green home character without having to physically buy new materials.

Another great tip is to start a compost garden. Don’t toss those food scraps out! A compost garden can allow you to recycle discarded organic waste resulting in rich fertilizer where you can grow your own delicious produce. By default, you will save money at the grocery store and eat healthier while doing your part to save the planet.

green home how to sustainable daisy sustainability blog blogger eco environmental DIY tips decor greener
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In addition to composting, incorporating reclaimed materials is a great way to green your home. Giving your home a rustic look with a wall made from reclaimed wood is a pretty simple do-it-yourself project to green your home. A scattered and stacked pattern using reclaimed wood in several colors combines rustic and modern design in one. This type of decor is an artistic staple of environmentally friendly decor by recycling old, artifacts from nature.

If you are interested in giving your home a paint job, try using Low VOC or VOC free paint. A simple coat of paint is often just what your home needs for an updated look. Repainting a room is an easy way to give your home a fresh lift. Low VOC and VOC free paint is not only good for your health, but it is good for the environment by reducing contaminants that damage the atmosphere.

Another great tip to keep in mind is to opt to deconstruct your home rather than tearing it down. For example, if you are in the mood for a major renovation, don’t immediately demolish your existing structures. Instead, evaluate your environment to identify materials that you can reuse and recycle. You might even find that you can turn those old, outdated bathroom tiles into something chic and beautiful for your new space, without contributing to landfill waste.

Lastly, know when to hire a professional. DIY projects are ideal because they are almost always guaranteed to be more affordable than hiring a professional. That said, sometimes you can end up going over-budget when you are forced to hire a professional to repair a DIY project gone wrong. Decide when to hire a professional (for example, if you’re replacing your roof or re-wiring your home’s electrical work), read customer reviews for the companies you are considering. The Yellow Pages entries, such as the one for Duval Roofing and Cousino Electric, are great places to start. By feeling confident in the professionals you hire can take the sting out of the price tag.

Updating your home within budget while still creating an enjoyable living space that is kind to the planet is the type of environment we should all strive to live in.

Aimee Lyons is a twenty-something free spirit who loves crafting, painting, building, and anything else that lets her exercise her creative muscles. A DIY kind of girl by birth, Aimee started to inspire others to tackle projects with confidence. When she isn’t crafting, you might find her vintage shopping or taking her corgi Champ out exploring in her hometown of Austin, Texas.

green home how to sustainable daisy sustainability blog blogger eco environmental DIY tips decor greener

4 thoughts on “Green Home: Easy DIY Tips

    1. Thank you so much! I try to make being eco less intimidating and fun. I’ve been enjoying living life sustainably, so hopefully others do too!

  1. Living green at home is a great feeling! We only live once but we can live in many ways, going green is a best choice, aside that we can save money, we can also help our environment from the harmful effects of carbon footprint! Investing energy efficient appliances can help save energy. Using LED bulb decreases energy cost. Today is the time to make a wise decision! Let us start living green and invite everyone to do the same way.

    1. I totally agree! Living sustainably has also made me a happier person in a lot of ways. It helps me to think big and makes me feel good knowing that many of my decisions are not causing a detrimental effect to the environment. It’s pretty easy going green and I like to show the fun side of this lifestyle with my blog. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

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