OOTD: Silk Dress with Cream Waistband

silk dresssilk dresssilk dressHi everyone! For this week’s post I want to introduce you to my sister, Jenny! I have been visiting her in Los Angeles for the past couple days and she is another avid thrift shopper with many cute clothes, which sometimes I am fortunate enough to inherit ;). This silk dress is Anna Sui for Anthropologie which my sister snagged at Beacon’s Brooklyn thrift store for $18. The dress is a size 10 and my sister is on the small side, however this piece fits beautifully on her body. I am almost always pleasantly surprised to take a look at the medium or large sections of secondhand stores, because they often hold pieces like this dress which lay loosely on the body in a very elegant way. I think the slightly loose style balances the low neckline where I don’t see the need for a size adjustment. The cream floral lining around the neck, waist, and hem distinctly show Jenn’s waist and knee area, so her body isn’t hidden behind the silk. There are long ties attached to the waist band that I tied in a bow, which is incredibly flattering! I love the ability to host images of thrifted outfits that are not unwanted secondhand items; sometimes they are true treasures. Keep a look out for them and celebrate your finds! 

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  1. What a great find and it looks great on her no matter the size. I’m mid way through my year of only buyine used clothing and so far I’ve found so many great things. Thrifting really is the way to go!

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