Save Water Showering in 5 Easy Ways

Save Water Showering in 5 Easy Ways

When it comes to daily tasks that are inevitable in our lives, it’s great to adjust to save water each day.  Instead of the exhausting feeling of standing in a shower cleaning yourself for twenty minutes or more, challenge yourself to get your bathing done in five minutes or less. This will save your time in your morning, save money from your water bill, and you’ll feel a little productive and with-it for making an eco-conscious choice first thing each day. In a time like now where many people are experiencing the effects of severe drought, it’s important to do what we can to save water!

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  1. Install a Timer

There are a bunch of low-cost waterproof timers to help people save water in the shower. Usually they suction themselves on to the wall of your shower and you can turn it upside down like a sand timer. These usually time for about five minutes. The standard shower head has a water flow of 2.2 gallons per minute! Every minute counts, and a timer can help save a lot of lost water over time.

  1. Turn Off the Faucet When Shaving

Shaving tends to take a few long minutes, so instead of having water spray on your back when shaving your legs, turn the faucet off! I like to have the bath plug closed when I first hop in the shower to get a shallow amount of water, so when I do turn off the faucet there’s water accessible to flush out my razor when smoothing out my legs.

  1. Save Water Used to Heat Up the Shower

If your shower takes a full minute or two to heat up, you could be letting four to five gallons of precious water down the drain. Try placing a plastic bucket in the base of your shower floor before you switch the faucet to spray from the shower-head. This container can collect the water which can then be easily poured into potted plants, for example.

  1. Use Music to Pace Yourself

Another way to time yourself to save water is to play a couple songs that add up to about five minutes or less of play time. When the music stops, you’ll know to wrap it up and step out of the shower. I like to play a couple of my favorite short songs each morning. I’ve gotten the hang of it to where at certain parts of the song I know I need to start shampooing or begin shaving. This is a great way to save water and save lost time. I’ve spent mornings zoning out in the shower rushing to get ready because it’s hard to gage how much time has actually passed. Solution? Turn on some tunes and get into the rhythm of your routine.

  1. Install a Low Flow Shower Head

If the previous ideas where a little too much to think about, or you feel like you can’t crop your bathing ritual into a five minute routine, install a low-flow shower head! These shower heads price to be around $10-20, and are extremely effective. Using a low flow shower head can help you achieve water savings by 25%-60%. You can find a lot of low-cost shower heads on Amazon, like this one.

Collective impacts make big changes, and they can improve your life. Give it a try, and let me know how it goes! Our planet will thank you.

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